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  Kỷ niệm chương “Phụ trách giỏi"
One class - Established: ?
Organization: Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization
  For: This decoration was awarded to teachers who were in charge of leading the HCM Young Pioneer Organization activities in primary and secondary schools and have great contributions and achievements in the development of the HCM Young Pioneer Organization. The decoration was then changed to the Commemorative Medal form.
  Design: Gold round breast badge, 30mm across with suspension ribbon.
    Obverse: Round shape, the outer ring has two green branches on the sides on gold background, with the red inscription "PHU TRACH GIOI" (Competent General Chief) below. Inside is a smaller circle with blue background and the image of a white stylized dove/hand, in the middle is a yellow bamboo shoot. The dove is the symbol of peace, the raising hand is the symbol of the pioneer spirit, and the bamboo shoot symbolizes the young generations.
    Reverse: plain gold background
    Suspension: "hero" style
  Ribbon: red triangle, size 10mm x 34mm, gold outer border. Symbol of the Red Scarf which is worn by the members of the HCM Young Pioneer Organization.

Semi-Official Medal


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