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  Kỷ niệm chương "Vì sự nghiệp phát triển công nghiệp Việt Nam"
One class - Established: 1999
Organization: Ministry of Industry
  For: This decoration was awarded to the individuals who greatly contributed to the development of Industry sector in Vietnam. This decoration was then changed to the Commemorative Medal "For the development of Vietnam's Industry and Trade sector" awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  Design: Gold five-pointed star breast badge, 41mm across with suspension ribbon.
    Obverse: on a gold five-pointed star with two small points in between, a central round disk with blue background and a cogwheel, an atom symbol in gold, and the two letters "CN" (Industry) in red, surrounded by a red ring with the gold inscription "VÌ SỰ NGHIỆP PHÁT TRIỂN CÔNG NGHIỆP VIỆT NAM" (For the development of Vietnamese Industry).
    Reverse: plain gold background
    Suspension: "hero" style
  Ribbon: rectangle, size 13mm x 25mm, gold outer border, the inside is covered with red fabric.

Semi-Official Medal


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