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  Huân Chương Quân Giải Phóng Việt nam

The Liberation Army Order and Decoration were established on 2 February 1958 to reward officers and soldiers of the Vietnam People's Army who made meritorious contributions to the construction of the army and fought during the period before the August Revolution in 1945. (for the Decoration see here)

There are three classes of the order and one class of the decoration. It was awarded to cadres and soldiers who joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the period prior to the August Revolution in 1945, have afterwards continued to work in the Army for at least 5 years, and have not committed any serious errors during their service or elsewhere. The class is awarded based on the recipents rank and contribution. Servicemen who are disabled or injured in combat or are unable to continue in the army for a full period of time are exempt from the time condition. It may be awarded posthumously.

No known actual examples have been seen, nor have they been observed in any pictures. The only known picture is a drawing from the book Orders and Decorations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, by the Institute of Orders. It may never have been produced or awarded.

It was not included in the 2003 reorganization of SRV awards system.

  three classes - distinguished by ribbon stripes - established 2 February 1958; obsoleted 26 November 2003;
  For: cadres and soldiers who helped construct and fought in the revolutionary army before the revolution of August 1945
  Design: eight-pointed rounded star, gold, 49mm across, with pentagonal suspension ribbon;
    Obverse: gold star of eight blunt points with five short rays in the angles with central red disk with gold star and inscription bellow QUÂN GIẢI PHÓNG and below that in larger letters VIỆT-NAM;
    Reverse: plain
  Ribbon: 25mm, light blue 1.5mm edges, red 22mm center, with yellow stripes in center to indicate class; pentagonal;

12/A/1 First Class - Ribbon: three yellow 2mm stripes 1 1/2mm apart;
  for those who have contributed to the organization and leadership
12/A/2 Second Class - Ribbon: two 2mm yellow stripes 17mm apart;
  for commanders at platoon level and above
12/A/3 Third Class - Ribbon: one 3mm yellow stripe;
  for soldiers in units who participated in fighting


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