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  Huân Chương Hữu Nghị

It was established in 1977. Formalizing the regulations for all SRV awards was done in 2003. Redesign for all SRV awards was done in 2006. Another redesign for all SRV awards was done in 2014. (see regulation extracts here)

(for the Decoration see here)

  one class - established 28 January 1977; guidelines 23 October 1978; revised 26 November 2003; guidelines 30 September 2005;
  For: foreign organizations and individuals who have helped the people of Vietnam in their resistance, and defense and construction of the country, or who have contributed to the development of friendship with the Vietnamese people
  Design: 5-pointed star, gold, 44mm across, with suspension ribbon;
    Obverse: on a five pointed star with many rays in the angles, a round red disk bearing two shaking hands in gold under a gold star and over a section of a globe in white with sheaves of grain on either side and a riband below inscribed HUAN CHIANG HOU NGHI in red;
    Reverse: plain;
    Suspension: eyelet at top, with ribbon ring to pentagonal frame;

red, 25mm, with two 2mm yellow stripes 3mm from the edges; pentagonal suspension

friendship orderfriendship order

10/B DESIGN OF 2004
  one class - established 26 November 2003 and 19 May 2006; guidelines 30 September 2005;

friendship order 2004friendship order 2004

10/C DESIGN OF 2014
  one class - redesigned 10 September 2014 and 20 July 2018; guildelines 31 July 2017


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